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Torsten Abel​

Head Coach, San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome to my coaching website! 

My name is Torsten and I am a seasoned triathlon & running coach with over 30 years of experience, including 13 years as a professional triathlete, representing Germany in ITU World Cup, European Cup, 70.3 and Ironman. I have studied sport science & development, have trained with some of the world’s greatest triathletes and coaches. I am passionate about helping others achieve their athletic goals through smart planning, strategic training and solid communication. I invite you to learn more about my coaching.

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    Case Study

    Grant Grafentin

    from amateur to pro


    70.3 in 4:35 HRS

    (13.1mi in 1:24 hrs)


    Start of T3 coaching


    70.3 Washington

    Overall Victory


    New 70.3 PR 3:57 hrs

    (13.1mi in 1:17 hrs)

    Caleb Porter ​

    Balancing Family, Career, and Athletic Success: The Transformation of a Middle-of-the-Pack Dad to Podium Contender
    Triathlon Athlete Caleb Porter sitting on chair


    70.3 Austin in 5:28hrs


    Start of T3 coaching


    70.3 Santa Rosa in 4:34hrs

    Vincent D'Onofrio

    from broken clavicle to IM PR and Kona qualification in 14 weeks


    IM Santa Rosa in 9:36 hrs

    (S 1:03h B 5:17h R 3:08 hrs)


    Start T3 coaching


    IM Mont-Tremblant in 9:01 HRS

    (S 0:56h B 5:03h R 2:54 hrs)

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