Win by choice not by chance!

Ricardo (picture) displayed a champion’s mind set. His warrior attitude was the key to open the door that lead him to a remarkable performance and wonderful experience at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Through hard work, discipline, and a never-say-diet attitude, Ricardo transformed his dream into reality.

Ricardo’s journey to the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii began long before his big “dance”. A solid foundation of training and racing, combined with consistent effort, paved the way for his success and serve as a testament to his passion, patience, and perseverance. 

During my time as a professional triathlete career and also throughout my life, I was driven by personal goals and standards. I focus my energy on what matters most to me, whether it’s self-improvement, such as refining my swim technique or learning a new language, or mastering a skill. I believe that consistent, daily effort is the key to achieving mastery in anything.

Modest improvement, consistently done!

Consistent attention to the little things over time can result in significant changes in the long run.

As they say “ don’t do one thing 100% better, try to do 100 things 1% better“.

The formula for success includes discipline, consistent effort, and sound decision-making even under stress. However, there are no shortcuts to success. I can attest to this from my own experience, as there is no magic solution or quick fix.


It is true that some people seem to have more advantages or good fortune in life. There are many external factors, such as inherent talent, genetics, and supportive environments, that can shape an individual’s path towards success. Some may be born into circumstances that give them a head start, without any effort on their part.

If you were not born with such advantages, you likely had to work harder to create an environment that fosters growth and learning. If you were lucky, you were able to do so.

Ultimately, what sets successful people apart from others is their unwavering dedication, passion, clear vision, determination, resilience, and a never-quit attitude. These qualities are key to overcoming obstacles and reaching one’s desired outcome.

Additionally, I suggest learning how to play the game strategically. There will be times when it’s appropriate to be assertive and make bold moves, and there will be times when caution is necessary to protect one’s position.

Achieving success is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, some individuals overlook the complexities involved and become susceptible to their own shortcomings when they fail to thoroughly examine the journey ahead.

Letting go of all the obstacles and distractions to solely focus on the task at hand!

Never lose hope even when faced with setbacks, keep pushing forward. With determination and persistence, success can be yours!
Peter Horn Jr. :
“The moment I wake up I’m already there
cause I am obsessed by my vision
And if I would try one hundred thousand times
I’ll still have to roll up that stone”

The quote from Peter Horn Jr. serves as a powerful reminder that success requires relentless dedication and perseverance. No matter how many times we may fall short, we must keep pushing forward, always driven by our vision and goals. Waking up each day with that same level of commitment and focus is what sets apart those who achieve greatness from those who simply dream about it.