Fuelling strategies to optimize endurance performances

When it comes to high intensity training, long slow distance training and endurance events, it is critical that we have a plan for our carbohydrate fuelling and hydration. We lose water and electrolytes through sweat and burn carbohydrate calories.

It is very important that we replace the right amount of electrolytes and get enough carbohydrates in to meet our energy demands for optimised training and race result and a speedy recovery. When we get these things right we are enabling our body to maintain homeostasis.

Athletes will need to learn and figure out 3 things:

  1. How much fluid do I need?

  2. How much carbohydrate do I need?

  3. How much salt (sodium) do I need?

One way of doing this is to sit down with my athletes before and after a race or workout, and we go through their nutrition strategy. I will ask them what they plan to eat and drink. This will enable us to break that down from a fluid, carbohydrate and salt point of view. And after the race I am looking to get an immediate debrief from my athletes and find out what they actual consumed and compare those numbers with our plan.

Weather conditions have a great impact on your hydration, fuelling and salt intake. For example, in hot & humid weather conditions you likely need to drink more and take in more electrolytes. In milder weather conditions maybe you want to increase carbohydrate intake and reduce your fluid intake a little bit.

Take advantage of every single training and racing session. Use “big training days” and training races for experimenting & testing your race day nutrition.

Fuel for the work required!

We are all individuals and our own requirements can change as well over the course of a year, from race to race. Be aware that what might have worked in your last race might not necessarily deliver the same results in your next race because of climate changes, race intensity or changes in your fitness level (economy) etc . I highly recommend to seriously invest some time into this process. Sit down with your coach and figure out a “master plan”.

We can find out what your body requirements are for sustained performances.

Winning formula:
Physical Fitness X Mental Fitness X Equipment X Nutrition = 100% performance