Vincent snatched 3rd at IM Mont Tremblant with 2:54h Marathon

Vincent snatched 3rd at IM Mont Tremblant with 2:54h Marathon

Vincent D’ Onofrio from San Francisco enjoyed a very special performance.

He finished 3rd Overall and 2nd in his AG (30-34) at the Ironman Mont Tremblant. His finishing time of 9:01h meant a new personal best.

Vincent raced patiently and executed our race plan brilliantly. Slowly but surely he rolled up the field from behind.

Firstly, he bested his 2.4 mile PR swim with 56mins (previously 1:01h).

Vincent started the marathon in 16th position and worked his way up through the ranks. With only 2 miles to the finish, Vinny found himself in 4th position. But the race wasn’t quiet over yet. He still had something in the tank!

At that point in the race he knew too well that he needed to surge one last time and so he did. He ran up to the runner in 3rd place, passed him and from here onward there was no holding back. Vinny gave everything he had left and went full gas!! He surged hard and claimed the last spot on the podium.

He displayed a spectacular running form and broke through to a new
level, completing the marathon with a new personal best of 2:54h
(previously 3:13h).

What a great performance- Congratulations!!

Vincent qualified for the Ironman World Championships Hawaii in October 2019.

The Olympic Club triathlete has been making remarkable performance improvements since January 2019.