My Philosophy

to revive the spirit of youthful curiosity and cultivate a "no limits" mindset. 

Regardless of your current position or background, continuous improvement is always within reach. You can learn to enjoy and embrace the challenges of growth while celebrating your achievements along the way.

As a coach, I am a firm believer that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to training and coaching. Instead, I take a holistic approach that centers around understanding my athletes, science and developing an individualised plan with them that puts them on a path to achieving their goals.

This path is built around their physiological & psychological strengths and limiters, past athletic history, recovery abilities and the time they have available to devote. It’s backed by scientific training principles and will evolve as we learn more. This evolution is what ensures my athletes stay healthy, engaged in the process, become faster and continue to develop as athletes and individuals.

I invest time in deeply understanding my athletes through communication, analysis of data and measurements. This creates a picture of you as an individual that I can then fit a training plan into. To do this, I require trust and openness from my athletes, there’s no sense in creating a ‘perfect’ training plan that is at odds with the rest of your life. We need balance!

I find that this approach helps me to develop close relationships with my athletes. It creates a firm foundation that enables true honesty & commitment between us – two things that are easy to fake in the short term.

I will teach you to listen to your body & understand how training, recovery, nutrition, equipment & race strategy all effect it. I want to help you to ingrain powerful habits and equip you with the tools to tackle your goals. If we do this right, I’m sure that not only will you enjoy your journey, but you will be successful and able to maintain (or even improve) balance within your life and shock yourself with what you’re capable of.

Let’s get to work!